New Wastewater Recycling Technology Eliminates Contaminated Water and Antimicrobial Chemicals, Cleaner and Healthier Poultry

TUSCALOOSA, ALA. -- October 15, 2020 – Agriculture industry innovation company Agriculture & Food Corporation (WA&F) announced today that it has secured technology patents from Georgia Tech to bring poultry wastewater solutions to the marketplace.

The technology, developed and patented by the Georgia Institute of Technology includes a state-of-the-art filtration system that cleans wastewater used in poultry processing to near potable, so that it can be recycled into the system. The process eliminates water waste and harmful antimicrobial chemicals that are currently used, effectively making healthier poultry.

“Wastewater in poultry processing is one example of an industry doing something simply because they didn’t have access to the engineering to do it better,” said Trey Watson founder of WA&F. “Current practice requires the use of too much water and potentially harmful chemicals in order to keep poultry processing sanitary. This elegant filtration system will keep it sanitary without wasting water, simply by filtering and recycling. This technology will save the industry billions a year—while at the same time making a healthier more natural product.”

WA&F was formed Watson Industries, a VC firm that uncovers deep technology to solve world problems, to address global issues around access to food, efficient and clean cultivation of food, and agriculture output. Initial technologies will focus on crop species cultivation, poultry wastewater management, and crop output. 


Watson Industries holds USD 1 billion in technology assets that are rigorously built and curated to make a foundational impact on solving major world problems. Watson Industries has developed, acquired, and sold properties in electronics, agriculture, aerospace, chemicals, energy, technology, and more, including several on the Fortune 500 list. Properties are chosen and developed based on how large an impact they can have on future technologies and solutions and stress-tested with some of the brightest scientific minds in academia and industry. The successful output of these ventures has demonstrated a consistent 100% growth rate year over year for the past five years. watson-holdings.com 


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