New Agriculture Deep Tech Company to Incubate University Research for the Agriculture and Food Industry

TUSCALOOSA, ALA. -- October 10, 2020 – Newly formed Watson Industries, a VC firm that uncovers deep technology to solve world problems, announced today the launch of its first industry-focused subsidiary Watson Agriculture & Food Corporation (WA&F) to address global issues around access to food, efficient and clean cultivation of food, and agriculture output. Initial technologies will focus on crop species cultivation, poultry wastewater management, and crop output.

Founded by Alabama-based entrepreneur and engineer Trey Watson, WA&F’s agriculture focus is a part of a larger effort to bring undiscovered university-researched technologies with a large global impact into the marketplace. The company has already secured patents for several technologies in the space and within are currently in the process of bringing them to market.

 “Hunger is a solvable problem,” said Watson. “We have the research, we have the technology, we just need the will. WA&F was created for the singular purpose of making food easier and accessible.”

Watson and his companies focus on delivering the tools needed for technology companies, groundbreaking entrepreneurs, visionary executives, and informed consumers so they can unite on addressing issues that affect everyone. His mission represents an ethical and moral obligation to fuel a long-term collective effort on solving these problems, through innovative technologies and human ingenuity. 


Watson Industries holds USD 1 billion in technology assets that are rigorously built and curated to make a foundational impact on solving major world problems. Watson Industries has developed, acquired, and sold properties in electronics, agriculture, aerospace, chemicals, energy, technology, and more, including several on the Fortune 500 list. Properties are chosen and developed based on how large an impact they can have on future technologies and solutions and stress-tested with some of the brightest scientific minds in academia and industry. The successful output of these ventures has demonstrated a consistent 100% growth rate year over year for the past five years. watson-holdings.com 


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